Since 1968 the Unna-Foundation has supported research in the fields of dermatology, allergology, toxicology and related fields (such as general medicine). Some of the financial support consists of the payment of submitted goods; but furthermore of the extensive and specialised library that is open on request for interested parties.

At the moment the foundation's focus is on applied medicine; this includes exemplary testing and examination of existing research results and therapy approaches that meet the criteria of "evidence based medicine".

Special attention should also be paid to clinical results which are transferable to out-patient situations.

Currently, a model or example for the quantification of "publication bias" is being investigated.

Support is preferentially given to pilot projects that match above mentioned criteria, that demonstrate opportunities to implement or improve the application of indisputable research results to medical practice (especially in the out-patient sector).

Projects, such as research projects with a preventive and/or social-medical approach, are also funded.

Funded are material expenses for planned or ongoing projects of and around €10.000. It is also possible to receive support for the distribution of results of finished projects (for example, the refund of travel expenses for the head of division, printing costs, etc.).

Applications for support or funding can be sent to the above listed address.

Applications should be written in gender neutral or (if relevant) gender specific speech, should include a short description of the planned or realised work, and should have calculations of costs and time attached. Furthermore we appreciate a short résumé of the applicant’s background and current professional situation.


The Unna-Foundation

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